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If you are someone who enjoys driving, it is important to have a car that will make your driving experience even more fun. If you are in the market for a new sports car, make sure you visit a Roush Mustang Dealer In Chatham. While the Ford Mustang has been known as a dependable sports car for decades, the new Roush models now make driving an experience that you will never forget. If you are unsure of the differences between a Roush and traditional model, keep reading. The following are a few of the added benefits to choosing an upgraded vehicle when you are shopping for a new car. Don’t start shopping until you know what you should look for.

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Upgraded InteriorA Roush Mustang comes with black grain leather upholstery, and a leather wrapped steering wheel. It also includes custom floor mats with the Roush Ford logo. Most include an upgraded climate system that includes separate temperature control for both the driver and passenger and other features such as a navigation system. Make sure you choose a car that has the upgrades you want by making your next vehicle a Mustang.

Customized PaintThe paint of your car is the first thing that people see. A Roush model Mustang will have a custom paint color, and can have a decorative stripe added to the side of the vehicle or across the hood and roof. Stand out when you drive around by choosing a vehicle with a paint scheme that will help you set yourself apart from the rest.

High Performance EngineIf you love the experience of driving a fast car, make sure you visit a Roush Mustang Dealer In Chatham. Most Roush Mustangs come with a V8 or V12 engine that can deliver up to 500 horsepower. Make sure you can safely maneuver through traffic by getting a car that can get you out of dangerous situations quickly.

If you are ready to make your new car a Mustang, stop by the Maplecrest Ford showroom. They have a wide selection of Roush models available, and can help you get affordable financing. Call them today to learn more and to schedule a test drive. Once you see the difference, you will be ready to trade your traditional Mustang in for a Roush model. Visit us for more information.

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Nov 20

byAlma Abell

Every car owner realizes that cars need oil and filter changes from time to time. What they may not realize is why those changes make such a difference. Here are some of the reasons why it pays to always work with an Oil Change Service as part of the basic car maintenance.

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Getting Rid of Sludge

Over time, the oil running through the engine will leave a residue known as sludge. This sludge does nothing other than slow down the function of key components. By having the oil and filter changed on time, it is much easier to avoid this type of buildup. The result is saving a great deal of money on costly repairs.

Ensuring Proper Lubrication

The purpose of the oil is to make sure that moving parts of the engine are properly lubricated. The lubrication helps to prevent friction that wears those parts faster. Since the oil itself will begin to break down over time, it pays to replace it on a regular basis. Along with replacing the filter that is beginning to show signs of wear, regular oil changes are the only way to ensure that all those components remain properly lubricated. Checking for LeaksOver time, seals and gaskets can begin to leak. This includes the seals around passages that carry oil throughout the engine. Even a small leak will mean oil is escaping and not providing any benefit to the engine. That decreases the level of lubrication in the engine and promotes damage to various moving parts.

By having oil and filter changes on a regular basis, it is much easier for a professional at an Oil Change Service to spot a leak, advise the car owner, and make plans to repair the damage. For car owners who think the time is fast approaching for an oil and filter change, visit Marysville Speed n’ Custom today. With oil and filter products for every type of engine, it will be easy to settle back and wait while the work is done. In no time at all, the change will be finished and the engine will be protected for a few more thousand miles.

Mar 16


A baggage tractor is a vital part of the airport ground support equipment used to ferry passenger luggage to and from the aircraft and the main terminal building. Also known as tow tractors, these versatile vehicles are also used to re-position the aircraft. They come in a wide assortment of brands and models including gas, diesel, propane, and standard or automatic transmissions. With so many different types available, the question of which is the best option arises. Here are some tips which may be helpful in narrowing the choice.

Consider What the Tractor Will Be Used For

Baggage tractors are good solutions for multiple different aspects of airport ground support. Before making a purchase, it is useful to determine how the vehicle will be used and the maximum weight loads which will be pulled or transported, as this will help in selecting the most ideal size and capacity.

Typical Uses for Baggage Tractors

The most common use for this type of vehicle is to transport passenger baggage from the airport terminal building to the aircraft, and then to transport the luggage from the craft to the terminal building upon arrival. They are also used with a tow bar to push or pull aircrafts for re-positioning. Additional uses include carrying water servicing carts, and power units. They come in handy for the multiple pulling, pushing and carrying tasks which present themselves in daily airport operations.

Choosing the Right Specifications

Baggage tractor work capacity is rated by their DBP, which is the draw bar pull. A tractor with a DBP of 4,000 is capable of towing between 40,000 and 50,000 pounds of weight. This is how the rating of DBP relates to the amount of weight it can safely handle. Prior to purchase, lease or rental, consider the maximum weight load which the tractor will be used for.

What to Look For in Airport Ground Equipment Distributors

When the uses and capacity requirements have been established, shopping becomes a bit easier. Although there are new units available, there are many companies who recondition used baggage tractors to nearly new condition, and the cost savings is substantial in most cases. Look for a reputable company which offers a generous warranty on all of the vehicles they let leave their lot. A company which has good customer ratings or reviews and is willing to stand behind the goods they sell, is most likely to provide you with the best value for your money. In addition, the better companies will be willing to answer all of the questions you have, they’ll ask about your requirements and make recommendations regarding the most appropriate model and type for the job. For more information regarding the lease, rental, or purchase of a baggage tractor, as well as other airport ground support equipment, get in touch with the experts found at Mercury GSE.

Dec 23

How to choose Phantom Wedding Car


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When you are a rookie when it comes to Phantom wedding car hire in London, you might face a hard time. For example, you might make a wrong selection of the car for your occasion: You might choose an inappropriate size or the color of the car and therefore, everything would have been spoilt. A reliable car should not only be attractive but serve the right purpose. If you have never hired it before but you want to, you should adhere to the following important tips.

Be sure about the number of people to be in the car

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Knowing the number is very important because it will help you make a correct budget and choose the best car in terms of size. For instance, you need to pay attention on the total number of groomsmen, bridesmaids and other important visitors. If they are many for example, you will have no choice but to adjust your budget so that you can hire more cars. Never book less number of vehicles because this can lead to unnecessary embarrassment. Women like fashionable things and therefore, if they are the most dominant, you must ensure you book them stylish phantom cars.

Plan your day effectively

This is a special day that people want to enjoy the ride, and most specifically, the bride. You therefore need to take a sheet of paper and a pen and make a simple draft. For example, decide the number of trips that the car will make. In case charges are based on the number of trips made rather than the number of hours, make sure you also take this into consideration. Organize your people so that they do not get late to the event because this might charge you some extra hours. Moreover, think about the travel distance: that is, whether long or short. If it is the former, you will have to select the most comfortable car that will enable you reach your destination without any complaints.

Be realistic while planning the event

Although the car hiring company will plan for you in terms of routes, arrival time among other things, ou must remain realistic. In case you are not very sure or you dislike the route chosen, do not agree to it blindly. Simply tell the managers that you are not okay with it and they will give you an opportunity to make a few adjustments. On the other hand, in case you feel the time allocated for the trip is not adequate enough, you can simply request for more. You will be allowed to make these adjustments provided they will make your wedding day more colorful.

Select the right company

There are multiple firms that provide phantom wedding car hire services in London. Therefore, the choice of the company will determine the success of your firm. There are some people who are not yet at par when it comes to choosing the right company. Focus on the experience, the driving skills and the name of the company.

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