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You may find people with fixed gear bikes especially the ones from the urban areas and people from the generation category. They have their own reasons of buying the fixies; however, you could have it for an amount of positive purposes. Yes, with the help of fixie, you could end up coming up with an amount of tangible purposes that you would be encountering in this post. Let’s have a look at the amount of purposes for which you could think of using the fixed gear bikes .

For fun: Though you may take a while to practice and get an edge over the fixed gear bike, yet you have tons of fun once you are able to naturally ride it. Even the learning experience over these bikes in interesting and once you get an edge over these bikes you end up getting the real joy of cycling. If you are able to read a couple of testimonials, you would learn how people enjoy riding the fixed gear wheels and get the ultimate joy.

For fitness and form: Riding the fixed gear bicycles on the roads could be the topmost form of exercise. While you move away with the bike, you do not think to transform the gear as it doesnt have that choice. Instead you just understand one thing is to get up and carry on with the pedaling process even while having the gears for the same essential while exhilarating up. This can help you in becoming very much strong and healthy. In the same way, while exhilarating down, you can make your muscles strong.

You get a fine feel: The fixie wheels help you in getting a very direct feel for traction conditions over the slippery surfaces. This just makes the fixed gear nearly all right for riding over the icy and rainy conditions. This feeling will help you in learning the specific number of traction you need to lift the rear away from the ground. As you are seen connecting with the bikes in a more strong manner, you could just end up having a fine limit over your bike’s bumpy conditions.

For superior efficiency: A fixed gear bicycle is generally a lighter substitute while you judge against it with the multi speed bike of any comparable quality due to the absence of the rear brake, shift levers, detailers and extra sprockets. Further, it is known with a small size chains and do not have the derailed pulleys that can help you in finding the real fun and improvement at the drive train efficiency. A fixed gear bike is simply known as fixies and fixed wheel bicycle, it’s basically a bicycle that lack the mechanism of free wheel and so rider have to continuously pedal to move the bicycle forward but rider take this as a means of exercise as its help to increase their muscle strength . This bicycle look is simple and its cost is also less. This bicycle does not have gear shift and other mechanism so anyone find it easy to learn to ride this bicycle.

About the Author: Bicycle racers use fixed gear bicycle for their practice session as its easy to ride and fast while riding.




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