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Many people are leery of visits to dentists. The experience can involve some discomfort, and even a simple cleaning can include the bad news of required future dental work, such as cavity fillings or even tooth removal. This has long been the reputation of a trip to the dentist; however, dental groups in Wisconsin and across the country are making an effort to turn a trip to the dentist into a better overall experience.

Choose a Dentist That is Client Oriented

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First and foremost, your dentist’s approach to routine care or a specific procedure will shape your experience. When a dentist has the personality and training to provide personalized care, it can have a huge impact on your dental experience. At Dentistry of Wisconsin, the comfort of their clients is always the first priority. The dental group achieves this goal by hiring dentists, dental hygienists, and support staff who understand how important it is to tailor services to an individual client’s wants and needs.

Find a Dental Group Investing in New Tools

Of course, the tools available to dentists are improving and ever-changing. Lasers and other technology are helping dentists to detect decay sooner and with less poking and prodding. Enhanced x-ray systems are safer than ever for taking important pictures of your teeth, gums, and jaw. As well, dental groups are turning to preventative measures, such as using fluoride, to prevent costly and uncomfortable procedures, such as root canals. These same offices are often investing in technology and devices to keep patients comfortable during procedures, such as advanced televisions and/or music devices.

Dentists Should Look to Latest Techniques

The skills and methods utilized by dentists are also improving client experiences. Dentists in Columbus, WI are investing in continued learning and training programs to stay up-to-date on the latest dental procedures and techniques. This can have a huge payoff in terms of customer service, as newer methods are often focused on providing a pain-free procedure.

Oct 21

Submitted by: John Clayton

Oral health is one very important aspect that is often taken for granted. But because it is more often than not taken for granted, it almost always leads to undesired complications. Not only does it take away from your smile, it can also make simple yet vital tasks such as eating difficult. And at worst, it can even lead into some issues that you must deal with for the rest of your life if it doesn’t threaten your life in the first place. If you are looking for a Spokane dental then you should check out Hillyard Smiles.

Who are the people behind Hillyard Smiles? It is composed by a committed team of dental experts. Active on the business since 1995, they do everything it takes to not just come up with the best dental solutions but to help the patients feel comfortable during their sessions. Led by founder Dr. Dan Kunkel, a dentist who has been working on all kinds of dental patients for decades, they have been providing high-quality dental services for the residents of Spokane since 1995. Rest assured that whatever your dental problem is, Dr. Kunkel and his team can handle it with utmost care and precision.

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So what are the services this Spokane dental facility can dish out? It’s actually quite a long list. Of course, they can offer general dental services such as checkups. They can also restore your smile through different operations such as teeth cleaning and whitening. Also, they can install dental veneers to cover up damaged parts of your teeth. But when it comes to surgical procedures, they also have the goods. Not only do they offer the usual tooth extraction, but they can also handle other surgical treatments such as root canals and wisdom tooth surgeries.

But it’s not much about the services that they can do, but rather it’s how they provide this services that makes Hillyard Smiles stand out from the rest of the field. From the moment you step into their office, you will definitely feel at home thanks to both warm greetings and a home-like atmosphere. What’s more, each member of the staff is known for their accommodating and compassionate ways. You’ll feel comfortable here even while your teeth are still aching. And what’s more, it doesn’t really matter if you are young or old. If you have a dental problem and you need some help, they can provide it in spades.

It’s not surprising that Hillyard Smiles is receiving all kinds of positive feedback from its clients. Not only do they treat your oral problems, but they also give you back the confidence you lost since having that specific problem. What’s more, with their great attitude towards service, they make the experience of going to the dental clinic much less intimidating. A combination of precision and compassion makes this Spokane dental facility the go-to place for locals for their dental needs. If you want to be a part of their long line of satisfied clients, you can give them a call today.

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Aug 21

Submitted by: Sean Goudelock

Dental insurance is purchased so you will have something to pay for a portion of your dental care needs. A plan for dental insurance will have a particular limit or maximum annual benefit. Once reached, you will need to pay for the rest of the dental treatments for that year. There are some tricks to get the best dental insurance even if you are a first time buyer.

Know What You Need

It is not the insurer or broker s responsibility to determine the best dental insurance plan for you. While they can give advice and recommendations, you should know what you actually need. It will also help you deal with the persuasive sales speeches.

When requesting for dental insurance quotes, you may be requested to specify what you are looking for. You may be looking for an individual dental insurance, family dental insurance or group dental insurance for your company but you also need to know what particular type of plan you are looking for.

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There are three main types of dental insurance: indemnity, preferred provider organization (PPO), and dental health maintenance organization (DHMO). The indemnity dental insurance is also known as the true dental insurance because it is the only plan that allows you to choose your dentist. It will pay a part of the dentist s fee or a specified amount. In case, the indemnity plan is designed to pay for $50 while your dentist s fee is $100, you need to pay for the other $50. The drawback of this dental insurance type is that it is expensive. The PPO is the plan that requires you to choose only among the dentists in the network. They agreed to reduce their fees, which is one of the reasons why PPO is much less expensive than indemnity. In case you are wondering, you can still go to a dentist who s not in the network at times but you will not be able to use the insurance. You should choose DHMO if you want the cheapest. The downside is you get to choose the dentist in the network, too. In this plan, the insurer pays the dentists directly. The dentists are paid per individual regardless of how often you go for treatment. Keep in mind that you may be responsible for co-payments in some dental services in DHMO.

Simply put, you need to choose between price and freedom to choose the dentist when deciding on the type of dental insurance.

Determine What Is Covered

It is important that you also know what services and treatments are covered. Some dental insurance plans determine the treatments that you can get. Others make the dentist decide. Luckily, there are the ones that will give you control on the treatment decisions. For instance, there are several treatments suitable for your dental problem. The insurance company or dentist may choose the cheapest treatment. Some plans may allow you to get more expensive treatments but will pay only a portion of the fee.

Have Several Options

There are many companies that offer dental insurance. Considering several of them is a good step to finding the best one. There is no particular best dental insurance for all. It is all about personal needs and choices. Make sure to contact and ask for dental insurance quotes for several companies. Compare the dental insurance quotes with the same coverage and the same type.

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Feb 14

By Blanca Ciotoiu

For hundreds of years, native Australian cultures have been enjoying the health benefits of emu oil. So, what is emu oil? This oil is harvested from a live bird by rubbing the oil glands that are found under the wing of this large native Australian bird.

The oil is then allowed to sit for several months, creating a very high grade oil that never sours. Emu oil uses has become extremely popular as the many benefits of this unusual oil have been studied by dermatologists and western practitioners. The findings have been both surprising and exciting.

Properties of this Effective Oil

While still in the preliminary stages of discovery for common use, emu oil benefits has been gaining the attention of the dermatological community. It is packed full of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Omega-3 is a powerful fatty acid that is widely known to have huge benefits in relation to heart health.

It is also useful in regulating cholesterol and blood pressure. When taken internally, has the potential for being a very healthy fat, contributing to the reduction in common ailments related to these systems. Omega-6 is also known as linoleic acid. This substance is essential to the body and is present when new cells are forming. It is also necessary for many other body functions, such as tissue repair and blood clotting.

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Common Emu Oil Uses

It can be taken internally or used externally. Emu oil is commonly used on the skin because it penetrates well and is an efficient carrier for other ingredients. It doesn’t clog the pores or result in any residual problems, making it an ideal choice for skin care. It penetrates the skin deeper than other carrier oils.

Some of the common uses for emu oil are as follows:

Eczema- is completely hyper-allergenic and will not irritate existing conditions. The deep penetrating power may cause healthier cellular growth.

Arthritis – Emu oil has a number of pain killing properties that may aid in the reduction or reversal of arthritis symptoms.

Acne – Is one of the best treatments available for acne. It will not clog the pores and helps the skin regain balance while preventing further blemishes.

Burns – The quick elimination of damaged tissues is encouraged by the oil’s healing properties.

Massage – The deep penetrating abilities and carrier properties make emu oil perfect for massage. It can help increase the effectiveness of essential oils when they are added to this oil.

Stretch Marks – It has been used with success by many pregnant women to reduce the discomfort and appearance of stretch marks.

Emu oil on hair and scalp- It has a stimulating effect that can wake up a tired scalp, stimulating new growth and healing damaged and irritated skin. It is also an excellent hair conditioner, penetrating deep into the hair shaft.

Until recently, the majority of people were unaware of the many health benefits of emu oil, but as data comes in it is gaining in popularity. Individuals that are coping with serious skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema, or those looking for an effective moisturizer will find that the various emu oil uses will benefit them. Additionally, it helps alleviate pain and other problems.

The health benefits of this carrier oil are many, making it an essential and versatile addition to every personal care regime.

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Dec 13

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Submitted by: Pichet Rodchareon

Rhinoplasty can help change unwanted characteristics of your nose and change the look of your entire face.

The nose is the center of a person’s face, and therefore it acts as the most prominent attention-grabber when people look at you. A beautifully shaped nose can help create overall facial harmony and better appearance for a person, as well as change the entire look of the face. Unfortunately, some people, especially Asian people, are born with flat nose. But still fortunately, they do not necessarily have to get stuck with it for life.

Rhinoplasty, also commonly known as a “nose job”, has been introduced more than a hundred years ago. Rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping surgery that helps correct deformities or makes subtle aesthetic changes for cosmetic purposes. In most cases of rhinoplasty performed on Asian patients, the bridge of the nose is raised and narrowed and the nasal width at the nose-cheek junction narrowed. It is precise surgery in which the margin of error is measured in millimeters, thus the surgeon must have a full knowledge of nasal anatomy and the basic principle of surgical procedures.

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The most common nasal augmentation rhinoplasty is by inserting fabricated silicone implant which comes in three textures: hard medium and soft. The silicone for the nose is the solid silicone with Hydroxyapatite which is the artificial bone to help adherence to the natural bone. Incisions are made inside the nostrils. In some cases, the surgeon may shape a small piece of the patient’s own cartilage or bone to strengthen or increase the structure of the nose.

There are two major ways to perform a rhinoplasty: the closed and the open techniques. The open technique includes an incision across the colummella, the small skin between the two nostrils. One major advantage of this technique is the ability to completely visualize the internal structures of the nose, and place sutures precisely where they may be required. With this type of rhinoplasty, the swelling takes significantly longer to subside and some of the tissues may be unnecessarily disrupted. The scar is most often quite small and fades rapidly. The closed technique does not require an external incision, heals more quickly and does not disturb the tissues as much as the open technique.

Rhinoplasty should wait until after the teenage growth period that occurs in the mid-teens. This growth period normally occurs from ages 14 to 15 for girls and somewhat later for boys and your nose is generally fully developed by the age of 16. Once you are done with the growth spurt of puberty – which is when you stop getting taller – it is fine to have a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty can be performed as a day case, which means that you can have the operation and go home the same day. Pain, bruises and some swellings are expected after the procedure and there might be some minor bleeding for a day or two. Alloplastic synthetic materials are sometimes associated with long-term complications such as migration and extrusion. The swelling, which will reside mostly around the eyes and the nose itself, will be very noticeable at first, but will begin to subside around the third day and should be largely gone within two weeks. Some minor swelling will remain for up to six months afterwards, and the final, long-term rhinoplasty results can be evaluated and enjoyed about a year after the surgery.

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Oct 2

How Dental Plans Differ from Dental Insurance


S. Geetha

It is unfortunate that people do not give the required attention to their teeth and dental care as they do for other kind of diseases and illnesses. In order to minimize the costs on dental treatments and to prevent dental diseases it is good to have a dental plan to take care of all such problems. Dental plans differ from the dental insurance by the type and feature. Almost all the dental plans take a member ship fee which varies from one plan to another plan. Also, dental plans can be either offered to individuals or to the family on the whole. The family dental plans offer higher discounts than the individual dental plans. Before selecting the appropriate dental plan it is good to check the rates charged under different plans. Also the type of coverage provided to the dental services matters a lot while selecting the dental plans.

Dental services covered under the dental plans:

Normally most of the basic dental procedures like the regular dental check ups, treatments like the cleaning procedure, oral examination, teeth filling, fluoride treatment and teeth extraction are covered by dental plans. But, the dental plans do not cover major dental treatments like oral surgeries, restorative dental care, root canal treatments, dental implants, braces etc. Under such circumstances the dental plans allow the policy holder to get reimbursement for the amount spent on the basic dental treatment and the other expenses should be born by the patient himself. Certain dental plans may not allow selecting a dentist of the policy holder’s choice and the patient has to undergo dental care treatments from the dentist mentioned in the dental plan. Hence, the policy holder before selecting the dental plan should check for a dentist present in his area and also for any schedule is mentioned in the dental plan or not. Dental plans can be availed either monthly or annually. The annual dental plan is supposed to be more cost efficient than the monthly dental plan.

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Discount dental plans:

Discount dental plan is considered to be an affordable option. This dental plan offers discounts on all dental care treatments ranging from 10 60 percentages. It also covers dental works like braces, bridges, dentures, root canal treatments etc. This is possible by showing the membership card to the dentist while taking the dental treatment of any kind.

Reasons for choosing discount dental plans:

The main reason for choosing discount dental plan is that, it is very cost effective. The premium to be paid towards the dental plan is very low in spite of the coverage being much better. The money paid up front is also very low.

Discount dental plans can be availed for even pre existing dental diseased conditions and there is no exclusion. Discount dental plans help people when they are needed and for the purpose they avail it.

There is no hassle of filling forms as the person has to present the discount card and avail discounts from the dentists. Even the dentists are happy about discount cards as their time and energy is saved. It also offers a large list of dentists to choose from. The very important aspect is that even cosmetic dentistry is covered under dental plans making them very lucrative.

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