Apr 4

By Maric Vobler

Many clients will ask their freelance translators to sign contracts or work for hire agreements before beginning work. While these are often quite harmless in nature and not something to be concerned about, it’s important to read what you’re signing and to make sure that you’re not agreeing to a clause that you will later regret.

These contract clauses are mostly applicable if you work through translation agencies. For example, you should carefully consider, possibly with the advice of a lawyer, whether you will agree to terms such as:

– Agreeing not to get paid until the end client pays the agency. Of all the terms that translators are asked to accept, this is probably the most difficult. In one sense, it’s understandable that an agency doesn’t want to take the risk of having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to translators for a project that the agency itself is never paid for. In addition, if a translator returns poor quality work, the agency doesn’t want to be responsible in the event that the end client refuses to pay. On the other hand, the agency’s role as a middleman between the translator and the end client involves some financial risks, such as non-payment on the part of the end client. If you agree to this type of clause, it is important to realize that you are accepting some risk of non-payment yourself.

– Agreeing to indemnify (hold harmless) the client against lawsuits and/or claims resulting from your translation. If you sign a contract with this type of clause, make sure that you carry your own professional liability or errors and omissions (E&O) insurance in case one of your clients is sued because of an error in your translation. The client should have a quality control system in place so that an error by one translator doesn’t have a disastrous effect on the final project, but not every client will have this. This type of contract clause is more of a concern if you work for direct clients, who may be less likely to have your work edited or proofread before distributing it.

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– Agreeing not to accept or solicit work from the agency’s clients. Most intermediaries between end clients and freelancers, not just translation agencies, require this type of non-compete agreement. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask that you not go behind the agency’s back and ask the end client to hire you to translate for them directly. However unless you and the agency compare your client lists (something the agency will probably be unwilling to do) you can’t really know that you’re not working for one of them.

– Agreeing not to subcontract work to another translator. This is another fairly common and reasonable clause, just make sure you read it before signing, and if you commit to doing all the work yourself, don’t share it with someone else.

– Agreeing to abide by confidentiality standards. Especially if you work in legal, financial or patent translation, you will probably come into contact with trade secrets, confidential financial information, patent applications, etc. If you sign this type of document, again it is important to read and abide by its provisions. For example, financial translators might be required to agree not to engage in insider trading as a result of their knowledge of a company’s financial information before it is released to the public. This type of document is often referred to as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA.

– Agreeing to submit to a credit check, criminal background check or financial review in order to be bonded. Like the confidentiality agreement described above, there are good reasons why some translators have to be bonded (insured against stealing because of information that they have access to).

For example if you work with a bank’s clients’ financial information, or translate information about a mutual fund’s identity verification procedures, you have access to information that would allow you to steal money from the company or its clients. In order to be bonded, most insurance or bonding companies will investigate your financial records and/or criminal background. Just make sure you are clear on what you’re agreeing to when you sign this clause, and that you understand what information about you the company is going to collect or ask for. If you have a past criminal background, make sure you understand what types of charges, arrests or convictions must be reported.

If you find a clause in a contract that you don’t want to sign, you have a few options. You could cross out the clause in question, modify it, or refuse to sign the contract completely. Whether or not this is successful depends on the client. Some agencies will agree to a change, others will refuse to work with you if you don’t sign their contract. The most important thing is to realize that if you sign a contract, its terms are legally enforceable, even if your client tells you, “I can’t imagine we would ever really enforce that…”

If the client wouldn’t enforce the clause, it shouldn’t be in their contract. Remember that although it is intimidating to be presented with a contract as a prerequisite for a certain job, you are an equal party to the contract and are entitled to object to terms that are unfair to you. Also, although contracts don’t appear to be negotiable most of the time, they often are negotiable, and in any event you are highly unlikely to lose a client simply because you have questioned one of their contract’s clauses.

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Dec 31

By Daniel Sommer

Any individual that keeps up with current events will note the recent influx of unrest throughout the world, including the pervasive presence of Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, as well as unrest throughout the Middle East and North Africa. These events contribute to a higher threat level throughout the world and therefore these countries have an increased need for counter-terrorism specialists who can make sense of the current situation and proactively prevent future terrorist acts. Given the enhanced threat environment, one could argue the demand for these specialists will continue to increase. Individuals wishing to pursue a career in counter-terrorism should focus on increasing their knowledge base by taking counter terrorism training courses, which will prepare them for this field. This essay provides an overview of the increasing demand for counter-terrorism specialists throughout the world and how these specialists can bolster their knowledge through counter terrorism training courses.

Current threat environment

The current threat environment throughout the world has been heightened by a number of events, in addition to the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In January, Chechen separatists launched a suicide attack against the Moscow airport, in which over 30 people were killed. The New York Police Department sent counter-terrorism specialists to assist Russian authorities in dealing with this matter, and also assisted Russian authorities in the spring of 2010 after terrorists launched an attack on the Moscow subway. Recently, Somali pirates hijacked a private yacht in the Indian Ocean, killing the four Americans aboard. Somali piracy in this region, another form of terrorism, has been increasing exponentially over the past few years. Furthermore, the recent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, which led to the demise of the Mubarak regime in Egypt and a domino effect in countries such as Bahrain and Libya, may also contribute to a heightened terrorist threat in the coming months. Unrest in this region could lead to such a threat as the security apparatus within each of these countries is in crisis mode and is not focused 100% on counter-terrorism preparedness.

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Importance of counter terrorism training courses

Counter-terrorism training is vital for future stability across the globe. The persistent threat of terrorism requires counter-terrorism specialists in law enforcement, military and intelligence communities to continually refine their skills. To understand how to fight terrorism, these professionals must recognize trends in terrorist activity as well as develop strategies to prevent emerging threats from becoming a reality. Counter terrorism training courses enable these specialists to continue to hone specific skills so that they will remain on the cutting edge of their field. Counter-terrorism professionals must have sophisticated skills in order to develop and conduct advanced intelligence collection as well as perform detailed threat assessments.

Counter terrorism training courses and programs encompass a wide variety of areas, and focus on preventing or mitigating non-state actors from carrying out attacks against governments, infrastructure, and private citizens. Many of these training programs include a variety of topics including the study of terrorist organizational structure, understanding terrorist psychology, and learning how to develop threat assessments through gathering real time data as well as analyzing historical action. Many programs also offer more focused emphases on weapons of mass destruction terrorism, area study analysis, cyber and information security, as well as advanced surveillance and counter-terrorism coursework. The point of these programs is for students to learn how to conduct counter-terrorism operations successfully and develop and conduct intelligence collection programs.

While the threat of terrorist attacks will not magically disappear, counter-terrorism specialists can mitigate this threat to some extent by being prepared and thinking strategically. The current unrest throughout the world, both within nation states as well as the threat posed by non-state actors, only heightens the relevance of counter-terrorism specialists and the need for counter terrorism training courses.

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Dec 16

Submitted by: J Dugan

Men prepping themselves for a hot date like to make sure they are in as sensual and appealing a condition as possible and male organ odor is one of the last things they want. Its a situation that causes many men embarrassment and frustration. The good news is that it sometimes can lead a man to look into possible issues, either with male organ health itself or with overall general health. And in some cases, male organ odor might point to ketonuria.

What is ketonuria?

Simply put, ketonuria refers to the presence of ketone bodies in the urine. The name pretty much says that, but that explanation doesnt help if a man doesnt know what ketone bodies are or why they maybe shouldnt be in his urine.

Ketone bodies

Ketone bodies (simply called ketones) are an end product of the bodys fatty acid metabolism process. When fatty acids get metabolized in the liver, the residue thats left over is called ketones. In most cases, the amount of ketones produced is tiny. These ketones exit through the urine, but theyre in such small amounts that theyre not really noticeable.

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So what happens to make amounts that are noticeable and bring about ketonuria? Usually it happens when the body needs energy and tries to burn carbohydrates to produce that energy only to discover that there arent any (or arent enough) carbohydrates to do the job. It then looks around, sees that there are fats available, and decides to convert those into energy instead. And when it does that, it creates a greatly increased amount of ketones.


If this exchange of fats for carbohydrates as fuels is only an occasional occurrence, theres not much to worry about. But when it happens consistently, or if the amount of fats used is really excessive, it can indicate a more serious health issue.

The most common indication would be the possibility of diabetes, as ketonuria can occur much more frequently in individuals with this condition. However, it can also indicate the possibility of hyperthyroidism or fever, as well as a significant need to alter dietary habits.

The male organ odor connection

So what does ketonuria have to do with male organ odor? Well, there are a number of symptoms associated with ketonuria, such as dehydration, thirst, nausea and in some cases, male organ odor.

Why should this be? When ketones are in the urine in a large amount, they contribute a sour or fishy smell to the urine. The larger the concentration of ketones, the more pronounced the smell. When ketone counts are especially high, the aroma may escape through the skin when a man sweats (and the manhood is a part of the body where sweat is more frequent than others).

In addition, when a man urinates, dribblings or droplets often remain behind when the urine stream has ceased. These dry on the member, and as they dry the intensity of the ketone-based aroma can strengthen.

If a man suspects that his male organ odor could indicate ketonuria, he should check with a doctor, especially if he has other symptoms commonly associated with it. However, he shouldnt panic; there can be many, many causes for a foul-smelling manhood.

Whether male organ odor is caused by ketonuria or not, the smart man regularly applies a superior member health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to his member daily. Its essential that such a crme includes vitamin A, as this vitamin possesses anti-bacterial properties that attack the bacteria most commonly associated with rank male organ odor. It also pays to search for a crme with vitamin D, the so-called miracle vitamin which is lauded for its proven ability to help maintain manhood cell health.

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for more information about treating common male organ health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of male organ sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.



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Oct 13

Submitted by: Digital Pr

Hello monsoon! StarCJ wishes all of you happy monsoons. Its finally time to shower your umbrellas and smell the wet dust. We all love dancing in the rain and live our childhood all over again. Under the dark clouds and gloomy weather welcome the rains, splash water and celebrate this season with StarCJ Alive with glee.

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Starcjalive, grants you this adjustable laundry hanger which is very convenient and helps you dry clothes faster. It is portable with the help of 2 legs and wheels and is designed for better ventilation by expanding the distance of each cloth. It saves a lot of time with the help of its four step angle adjusting feature due to which all length-types of laundry can be dried altogether. It is made of stainless steel with fully adjustable shelf and two adjustable hanger holders for you to strip and hang socks easily.

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Home Power Laundry Hanger consists of 6 connectors and 12 connecting pins along with 2 rack wings, 6 dry wings and one-touch lock for one to adjust its height easily.

Starcj Alive always promises value for money to all its customers. Star CJ will take 3-5 working days to deliver with cash only on delivery. Product can be returned within 48 hours of delivery only in case of any damage, wrong or defective product. Call Starcjalive right now or log onto our website and enjoy carrying off your well dried warm clothes in the chilly monsoon winds.

About Star CJ

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