Jun 21

By Jennifer Walter

Your wedding has been decided but you have to do all in just $1,000.00. Only detailed planning coupled with strong analysis shall protect from going over budget. If few things are taken special care of then you can do this without losing a sweat. If planning a wedding under $1000 then it requires that you take some hard and crucial decision at an early stage.

Preliminary points of planning an under $ 1000 wedding –

First and foremost, this wedding will be planned and executed by you. Forget the thought of hiring a professional wedding planner as its not permissible in your budget. Buy a guidebook that would give you inputs as well as get things organized for you. Then search the net extensively for sites that help you in the process and give definitive details of everything from starch to end all free.

Enter keyword “free wedding planning” and you will have all the information required. Online software such as ezweddingplanning.com or then theknot.com will help. You can always visit your local book store to find kits and books. The best way to control expenses would be to spend more on items that can be sources for free and spend miserly on things that burn a hole in your pocket.

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Cake ought to be there!

Would you believe that a caking could cost you as much as $500, that’s one half of your total budget. But if carefully spent then options are aplenty. If you can locate a culinary school close by then what better, ask a student to do one exquisitely for you and it shall cost you a dime against a privately made cake You could also offer the school some thing in return if they have it made for you for free. What if an aunt or a friend knows how to make one then you relax instantly.

If that were to happen then it lets your aunt/friend take part while you celebrate a special day in life. This will be of great help as ingredients and toppings and icing can cost $100 for a made for 100 people. A cake can be made to look priceless sans multiple tiers or heavy icing. Like if you have a 3-piece cake holder it will resemble the look of 3 tiers cake. It is easy to do this, have 3 cakes made (one medium size, 2 small size) place them on top of the holder and it spells elegance. Chocolates cakes are usually ordered by the groom and guest would enjoy coco flavor.

Few important things to know

When you start out you would like to have all different pomp and gaiety for your wedding for example, DJ, caterers, live performance, photographers etc, but these could really spiral up the costs so decisions have to be taken with the mind and not with the heart when you are planning your wedding with $1000 in hand. Yes a glorious wedding can take place with $1000 but planning is must.

If you want to save on cost them organize the wedding from a friends or relative’s place also formal evening wedding events are tad expensive than afternoon or morning ceremonies. Dresses are expensive to say the least, so look for one online or buy from a resale shop.

There are numerous magnificent dresses to select from and nobody will never think of it to be not fresh. By keeping a close vigil at expenses and finding newer more innovative methods of control costs and yet create an elegant wedding atmosphere, the whole wedding will transform as you dreamt it to be. If you take a firm stance to plan your wedding in under $1000 then it will be that way.

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May 28

By Whitey Segura

Shopping In Style With A Bealls Online Coupon

Promo Bealls online coupon can bring real savings to consumers. These codes can be redeemed when shopping online for new fashions. This can make shopping for fashionable clothing easy and affordable.

Many Florida styles are available, such as casual clothing for adults. Women seeking comfortable warm weather clothing will find them here. From capri pants to polo tops, there are clothes to match any style.

Swim wear can be hard to find out of season, but Bealls has plenty. Swim wear to flatter any body type can be found in their collection. Even specialty suits such as petite or plus size are also available.

Specialty sizes can make finding petites and plus size clothes easy. Juniors sizes are also available, providing more options for women. Active and casual wear in these sizes allow women to dress in style.

Accessories For The Entire Family With Bealls Coupons

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Coupons for Bealls can bring big savings on accessories for families. This can include jewelry, watches and wallets as well as hand bags. These can make great personal touches for outfits or wonderful gifts.

Hand bags are one of the best accessories to create a new look. Hand bags range from small pocketbooks up to large decorative totes. These bags can be matched to outfits or a fun personal expression.

Accessories for men using a Bealls online coupon come in many forms. Wallets are one of the most frequently seen types of mens accessories. Leather and synthetic options give men many choices for wallets.

For outdoor lovers, sunglasses are an important accessory to own. Sunglasses make it easier to see on sunny days and protect the eyes. Bealls coupons make it possible to get sunglasses for the family.

Home Goods And Beyond, Find Something For Every Room

Coupons for Bealls aren’t just for clothing, some apply to home goods. Home goods include products such as rugs or accessory pieces for home. Glass and plate ware can also help redecorate a room quickly.

Summery accents are reminiscent of tropical islands and warm weather. Palm trees and flamingos are some of the best ways to brighten rooms. Themed items such as palm trees can transform a home into a resort.

Smaller goods such as picture frames or vases can improve any room. Scented candles can liven up any room with a fresh fragrance. By adding small touches, any room in the home can feel more inviting.

Artificial flowers can be paired with glass vases for a great look. Decorative mirrors can also help a room look brighter and larger. When combined with other accessory pieces, a room looks more complete.

Rack Up Real Savings With Online Coupons For Bealls

Bealls coupons can often be used to bring total purchase price down. Homeowners seeking new home decorations can save money on goods. Coupons for Bealls that give a percentage off offer huge savings.

Some Bealls coupons may offer a discount on specific items purchased. These can be ideal for those seeking to buy them, such as jeans. Others often offer a percentage off of a total purchase price amount.

Using coupon codes is the best way to maximize online shopping. This adds up to real savings, and sometimes more items for consumers. A Bealls online coupon can make saving on great items simple.

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Apr 19

Submitted by: Lisa Becker

Technically, using the word mantle instead of mantel for your fireplace is still correct. In architecture, you can use both terms to describe a shelf protruding from the wall above your fireplace, although mantel is the more common usage. Because the word mantle has so many other meanings it makes it easier when you are searching the internet to find websites that will help answer your questions about your home if you search for “fireplace mantel” instead of “fireplace mantle.”

Why “Fireplace Mantles” can be Confusing

Because mantle has many other meanings, you will find it on lots of other websites that have little to do with your home. Mantle, at its simplest, means anything that covers, such as a “mantle of frost” or a “mantle of dust.” Science websites use the term mantle often because it is also the word for the layer between the core and the crust of the Earth and comprises about 70% of the Earth’s volume. Because mantle and mantel are interchangeable in architecture, it’s easier for home oriented websites to use mantel.

Tips for Fireplace Mantels

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* Finding – Knowing what you’re looking for can help you narrow down your search for a fireplace mantel. You have a wide range of options, including stone fireplace mantels, wood fireplace mantels, rustic fireplace mantels, antique fireplace mantels, and more. Make sure that the style of your mantel complements your dcor. Do not purchase a regular shelf to hang above your fireplace, as it may not be able to withstand the heat from the fire below.

* Cleaning – You can wipe most mantels with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust. You can also use wood cleaner on wood and you can wax both wood and stone to preserve their finishes. Just be sure to clean your mantel when the fireplace and mantel are cold because some waxes and cleaners are flammable.

* Decorating – The most important thing to remember when decorating your fireplace mantel is to be careful not to put anything likely to melt or catch fire on it. Candles should definitely be in holders to prevent drips onto your mantel or hearth.

Fireplace mantels can be a lovely focal point in your home if properly chosen, cared for, and decorated. Whether you’re installing a brand new fireplace or remodeling your home, you can start looking at your mantel options today.

Fireplace Mantel Dcor and Accessories

Most people only think about fireplace mantel dcor during the winter holidays, when they’re likely to pull out all the stops to make it gorgeous. But why decorate your mantel for one month of the year and leave it bland the rest of the time? Your fireplace is a focal point of the living room, and the mantel should be decorated accordingly.

Fireplace Accessories

In addition to the fireplace mantel itself, the largest dcor elements will be the fireplace screen and tool set. Those two elements should complement the mantel as well as the overall look of the room. Once you have those in place, you can begin to choose the dcor items to hang above the mantel or set inside the fireplace.

Possible choices include fireplace candelabras to place inside the fireplace instead of logs and andirons. Most people hang a painting or mirror over the mantel. Some people hang plasma TVs in that space, but you have to be careful about the wall temperature. If your wall gets too hot, you could destroy the TV.

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Jan 23

By Seomul Evans

Banquet halls are usually utilized to accommodate a huge number of people in many different celebrations. When it’s your time to host a very important gathering, be it for your business, wedding or any other important function, it is highly essential to set an ambience that matches the occasion. If you are looking for some brilliant tips to make your event extra special with decors, read below and learn how to make the banquet hall look fresh and chic.

Flower Decors

Flowers are always an essential aspect of almost every event. A gorgeous ceremony like wedding or a prom night can’t go without flowers. The fragrance and color of flowers add extra flavor to the ambience that you want to set and the specific emotion you want to convey.

Aside from setting the ambience, interesting floral arrangements are also a saver of boredom especially when hosting a business conference. While you want your guests to focus on what’s being said and discussed during the symposium, there will be times when they tune out of boredom. Flowers can somehow give them a pleasant and calm feeling all through the conference. Likewise, the soothing effect of flowers can send positive signals to your business associates or to your clients, bringing them a sense of peace and security throughout the meeting.

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Fruit Centerpieces

In place of flowers, use fruits to create an impressive centerpiece. You can use fruits as edible centerpieces or use them simply for show. Fruit centerpieces will not only please the eyes but they are edible too. Guests can munch on the fruit when they arrive early or while waiting for the main course. One of the simplest centerpieces using fruits is to simply fill in a bowl with seasonal fruits. Experiment with different fruits and their color combinations within the same bowl. Avoid using bananas and other soft fruits that will easily turn brown though. With a little know-how, you can also carve fruit to make an interesting centerpiece.

Ceiling Decorations

Whether it’s for a party, wedding reception, or a business function, decorating the ceiling of a banquet hall can give a different appeal to the occasion. Simple paper lanterns, fabric, curly glossy ribbons and balloons are an easy choice that adds flair to the ambience. However, keep in mind that decorating a ceiling and removing the decors after the event can be time consuming which can add to your event rental time. Also, some facilities may not allow ceiling decors to make the space readily available for the next renter.

Candle Decors

If you want to set a romantic mood in the venue, you may want to incorporate it with decorative candles. Besides illumination, candles also add elegance and sophistication to the venue. You can incorporate candles to the miniature lanterns in the banquet hall. Likewise, you can also use candles as banquet table decorations. Dim the electrical room lighting to accentuate the candles.

Part of the dcor planning of a banquet hall will include the choice of linens, chair covers and podium. Make sure to consult the staff-in-charge and discuss about the theme of the event as well as your preferences. Remember, the venue is where you, your loved ones, or your business associates can create meaningful memories that you’ll always cherish, so make sure the space feels comfortable to everyone.

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