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Samsung’s Largest Plasma TV Is Stunning


John Lloyd

The largest plasma TV that Samsung manufactures is 63 inches, model PPM63H3. Once you see it you’ll want one because it provides a stunning visual experience. The Samsung 63 inch plasma display offers a superior resolution at 1366×768 pixels. The aspect ratio is 16:9.

You’ll be able to view this Samsung plasma monitor from anywhere in your room because it has a 160-degree viewing angel without distortions. It has a classy picture-frame style design which goes beautifully with any room decor. You can mount the Samsung 63 inch on a stand or a wall, or you can even hang it from the ceiling.

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The Samsung 63 inch plasma has a perfectly flat plasma display screen. There is no curvature or edge distortion. This also gives the picture display that ultra-smooth look. If your looking for a movie-like experience at home, take a serious look at the Samsung 63 inch plasma PPM63H3

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Samsung’s Largest Plasma TV Is Stunning

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How To Work At Home And Make Extra Money Online


Adam S Harding

In this article we will look at how to work at home and make extra money online. The following tips are taken from my own personal experiences of going from employee to self-employed freelancer, and now full-time online entrepreneur.

I was also reveal what I consider to be one of the best and most flexible ways to start automating your income with the internet.

1. Freelance Writing – If you have basic English skills and enjoy writing then getting paid to write articles at home can be a good option for you.

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The pay is usually quite low, but there is a lot of work out there. The key to working at home and earning extra money with paid writing jobs is to look for work from web marketing companies who are likely to have lots of ongoing projects to send you in the future.

Sites such as Fiverr, Elance, ODesk and good for looking for paid writing jobs to do from home.

2. Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Many people turn to affiliate marketing in order to work at home and make extra money online. Clickbank is one of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing.

You simply go over to the marketplace and pick a product to start promoting. It is then a matter of learning some basic online marketing strategies in order to drive traffic to your affiliate link. After a while, you can have automated traffic going to your affiliate link and it is a great source of residual income.

3. Make Money On Fiverr – I mentioned the Fiverr marketplace earlier as a good way to make money by writing articles, but there are lots of other gigs that you could make extra money online with.

SEO backlinking tasks to very well on Fiverr when you are able to use software to automate the tasks. People will happily pay $5 for someone to perform an internet marketing task with a piece of software that they do not personally own. And you can get paid that $5 for clicking a few buttons.

4. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank is a good place to start in order to make some extra cash from home, but if you want to go full-time then I highly recommend to get involved in some high ticket affiliate marketing.

With high ticket affiliate programs you can get paid $500+ commissions as opposed to the typical $25 Clickbank ebook payments. It does not take much extra effort to sell higher priced products, yet you get paid so much more for the same sort of output in sales.

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