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Everyone knows the most important aspects of landscaping at this point, most likely. The increase of curb appeal to your home, improvement in value, and it is simply nicer to look at a place that has good landscaping vs. One that does not. Creating oasis spots throughout your property with great landscaping gives you the opportunity to have special moments in those “bubble” areas that you might not ordinarily have had. Landscaping can hide things that are not as beautiful around your property as well like the gas or propane tank and the air conditioning or heat pump unit.

Among all these great reasons to landscape there remains another element that should be addressed whenever possible. This element is important, especially, as preserving the culture and natural flora and fauna is critical to the residents and visitors of Plano. When landscaping for architectural and home ownership, extra importance is being placed on using native plant species in order to preserve and even save biodiversity.


Plano has wildlife and insect species that depend on the natural and native plants from the country. Without those plants, these species could actually diminish and die off due to missing their own habitat. Replacing native plants with exotics or other imported plants not natural for Plano will start to shift the ecological paradigm at some point and native life will start to fold in on itself.

Natural Habitats

Also included in that list are more obvious reasons such as maintaining natural habitats for animals and insects, cutting down on the greenhouse effects, making sure that the production capacity of larger properties are maintained for the long haul, providing shade and shelter, and keeping water quality high. The last thing anyone wants is to lose the distinctive look and feel of Texas, and as more and more land is taken over for industrial or livable space, it becomes even more important to landscape with native species.


Biodiversity in Plano is different than many other places in the country. It is incumbent on the landscaper to think about using plants that are native to Plano when mapping out their landscaping plans. And it makes sense all the way around to use indigenous plants – they are better able to survive the weather and water conditions in Plano than species that are imported.

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