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Do males need cosmetic surgery?


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Usually, people think that men dont require any beautification. As only females have the right to look good. Men also have a tendency to develop breasts and it looks really bad on them. Similarly, they may want to correct their body parts such as their ear or nose. It does not matter whether it is a guy or a girl who wants to look good. Cosmetic surgery is for every one, even men have the right to look good.

Breast reduction for men: This is popularly known as Gynecomastia. Some may even call it moobs, not aware if these are slangs. Guys who have big breasts try to conceal them through thick shirts and avoid going to swimming pools or gyms as they have to expose their chest. They will shun out all activities that makes them stay bare chest, as they are really embarrassed. Hence, Gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery is required so that they no more feel embarrassed and with draw themselves from public exposure.

Puffy nipples may also look awkward which calls for correction! This has to be corrected in order to avoid any kind of awkwardness.

Rhinoplasty: This is a nose surgery and helps correct your disproportionate nose. Just like women who have disproportionate nose, men may also need to correct them. Rhinoplasty is popularly carried out abroad and requires a cosmetic surgeon to treat you.

Ear surgery or otoplasty: These are also common with those who have disproportionate ears. Hence, it requires a surgery under an expert.

Face lifts: You may want to correct your chin, cheeks or jaw line. All of this is covered under face lift surgery. Saggy skin may be corrected to remove wrinkles and other imperfections too.

Hair transplants: The hair thins and in many cases leads to baldness in the area on the top of the head. The hair at the back and sides of the head however, is retained. In this form of hair loss hair that is normally shed on a daily basis is replaced by thinner hair, until eventually the hair is not replaced at all.

Before you attend for your consultation try and write down all the questions that you would like to ask our surgeon. You may forget when you are there. Its also a good idea to bring someone along with you for support, of course, if you want to keep the procedure totally confidential, thats fine too.

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Oct 12

Valid Reasons Why A Woman Might Consider Cosmetic Surgery


Leland Wygran

The typical cosmetic surgery patient used to be one of two stereotypes: the rich and famous or the extremely vain. However, these days, average, every day people are cosmetic surgery patients. Their only desire is to improve their self-confidence and their lives.

Not everyone has the exact same motives when considering this type of surgery. It is a decision that is very personal and can only be made on an individual basis. The right point of view is essential when making this important decision. If they dont, even a successful surgery can leave a patient feeling unhappy.

If cosmetic surgery is done for the right reasons, it can result in an assuring, lasting change. It is, however, necessary for the person to be in a healthy mental and emotional state to achieve surgical success. A person must determine why they want to pursue making a change before they decide on surgery. You need to know what is troubling you before you commit to actual surgery. Sometimes, a patient who has really looked deep within determines that cosmetic surgery will not solve the fundamental problem.

Do the issues driving you to have cosmetic surgery disturb you often? For instance, you dont like the way your nose looks and want to change it. Does it always bother you, or only on occasion? If it is something you think about all the time, then surgery might be right for you. But you might not be a strong candidate for cosmetic surgery if you only feel that way on occasion or have just a whimsical desire to change your nose.

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Some people are simply fighting the passage of time or their own genetics, rather than a serious physical irregularity. Theres no getting around itwe are all getting older. Even diet and exercise can’t keep us from avoiding age. The signs of aging affect all of us and include age lines, loose skin and wrinkles.

Maybe your whole life you have dreamed that your nose didnt look similar to your dads but your moms instead. Or maybe you’re predisposed to excess weight. Whatever part of your genetics you dislike, cosmetic surgery can usually alleviate the problem.

Cosmetic surgery can also be prompted by ones line of work. Income can be dramatically affected by ones personal appearance, though not everyone can relate with that perspective. For those who make their living as actors and actresses, this is especially true. Even salesmen, talk show hosts, news anchors, spokespersons and anyone else who depends on public attention find this is true. How much they earn relates with how they are perceived by the general public. Substantial income loss can result from a seemingly small flaw, which becomes a big deal because of their line of work.

Scarring can be a reason for turning to cosmetic surgery. They could have a noticeable scar on their face from a fall at a young age. A burn somewhere along the line may have caused the scar and now they would like to remove it.

People who spent a lot of time sun worshiping when they were young find out too late that the sun has damaged their skin. Leathery skin might look great on a rough and tough cowboy but not on a woman who’s trying to age gracefully.

Cosmetic surgery can also take care of a variety of other problems. These conditions can even be dangerous and with surgery, life can be improved a great deal. Nasal surgery can open obstructed airways, which can decrease or get rid of snoring. Most people dont realize that heart attack and stroke are closely connected to snoring and sleep apnea. In a case such as this, a persons life can be extended by cosmetic surgery.

You should carefully consider your exact reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery before consulting with a physician. The doctor may decide against performing the surgery if he or she feels your motives are for the wrong reasons.

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