Guitar Center: The Heartbeat Of Music Culture

The Truth about Guitar Center

Guitar Center, an American music retailer renowned in the international arena, has emerged as a dream come true for music enthusiasts, especially guitarists. Nestled in the heart of Westlake Village, California, it was established in Hollywood by Wayne Mitchell in 1959 as ‘The Organ Center.’ An attempt at providing a one-stop solution for the organ requirements gradually evolved into the ‘Vox Center,’ encompassing a wider range of musical products.

The ‘Vox Center,’ increasing its niche, was eventually rechristened ‘Guitar Center.‘ Guitar Center’s growth trajectory shows a spectacular rise — from a small store supplying guitars and other musical instruments to now becoming the most extensive direct retailer of musical instruments globally. Expanding its boundaries beyond the brick-and-mortar stores, it has established a commanding online presence as well.

With over 269 stores across the United States, Guitar Center evolves with the dynamic music taste and preferences of new age music lovers’ needs, continuing to sell brands like Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Yamaha and Martin guitars. It’s especially known for its repertoire of electric guitars and electronic keyboards.

Guitar Center’s commitment to its customers extends far beyond just selling instruments. It provides comprehensive service in terms of music-related services, guiding the journey of several musicians. Guitar Center offers lessons related to various musical instruments, along with professional sound installation and instrument repairs.

‘Bava’s Music City’, a name synonymous with Guitar Center, reminisces about the golden history of music. Guitar centers, sort of a tribute to the ‘Bava’s Music City,’ strive to keep the passion for music alive by providing an unbeatable combination of an extensive range of products, unbeatable prices, and exceptional customer service.

Guitar Center’s enduring success is a combination of its commitment to products’ quality, affordability, and excellent services. It has also uniquely bonded with the grassroots of music by opening avenues for local talents with its ‘Battle of the Bands’’contests.

Besides selling musical instruments, Guitar Center also has an exclusive Guitar Center Pro-Audio division, which deals with professional audio equipment. This division aims to offer entertainment outfits, recording studios, and professionals in the industry the advantage of state-of-the-art audio technology.

Guitar Center, therefore, has become the ultimate destination for musicians as well as music lovers. It provides the right platform and inspiration to the budding talents by giving them the right tools, training, and platform to shine!

With Guitar Center, music lovers and novices alike can nurture their skills and find a hands-on learning experience. Be it drums, bass, keys, or any other musical instrument, including guitars – Guitar Center remains your reliable companion. Whether you want to pursue music as a hobby or a profession, Guitar Center has something for every music aficionado.

In conclusion, Guitar Center is more than just a music store; it is a comprehensive hub, a refuge for music lovers, musicians, and people who believe in the power and passion of music. And thus, it continues to echo the golden legacy of ‘Bava’s Music City’, inspiring countless music lovers in their melodious journey.

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