Mar 12

byAlma Abell

Pet owners won’t get very far without pet food. It is critical that a pet receives the right amount of food on a regular basis in order to keep him or her healthy and thriving. While most pet owners understand the necessity of keeping a pet well fed, they don’t always realize how important it is to keep pet food in Corvallis OR stored correctly. This can also play a huge role in the health of a pet.

Pet food, just like most human food, has an expiration date. When purchasing food for a pet, check the date. Many owners don’t realize that if food is not consumed in a timely manner, it can expire and put their pet’s health at risk. Check the label and throw away any food that is past the appropriate date.

After checking the expiration date, be sure to keep food in a sealed container. It can be tempting to keep food in the bag it came in. It makes it easy to keep a pet fed and not take up a lot of room. But this leaves it vulnerable to germs as well as unwanted visitors. Bugs and vermin can get into food that is left out and cause problems.

Wherever food is stored, be sure to keep a measuring cup handy. On the back of any type of Pet Food in Corvallis OR are instructions for how much to feed an animal, usually based on his or her size. It isn’t a good idea to use the food container that a pet eats from to scoop out new food. This allows all sorts of things to get into the food and doesn’t provide an accurate measurement. Consider keeping some type of measuring device near where the pet food is stored.

When in doubt, throw it out. If something with pet food seems amiss, toss it. Even owners that work hard to store food properly can sometimes run into problems. Instead of assuming that the food is probably okay, dispose of it and track down new food right away. Before placing the new food in the container, wash it out well to avoid spoiling anything. Browse our website for more information about pet food and its storage.

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