Upholstery Buttons

Upholstery Buttons


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Upholstery buttons are useful accessories that can be used to trim and finish off a number of home sewing projects. Whether you are re-covering your chairs or creating new cushions upholstery buttons can provide the last finishing touch to your work to give it a stunning professional look.


Types of Upholstery Buttons Upholstery buttons are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit your projects. The basic button is typically plastic that has been covered with a fabric layer. If buttons are being made with a thinner fabric then a small amount of wadding (or any other thicker fabric) is used to create a good shape and give the button a plush, comfortable finish. You can make upholstery buttons out of all types of fabrics including cotton, silk, velvet, linen and even leather and vinyl. If you cannot find the right kind of upholstery buttons to match the project you are working on then you can also have them made up using the same fabric. This is just a quick job and many fabric and sewing stores provide this service or can sell you the equipment to do it yourself. How to Tie Upholstery Buttons Upholstery buttons can be quickly tied into place on cushions using a long needle and some button twine. You do need make sure you have measured your cushions carefully to ensure you are fixing the buttons in the right place. If you do make a mistake it is difficult to move the button as there will be an obvious hole where the first button was mistakenly placed which can spoil the surface of the cushion fabric. Once you have set out the placing of the buttons mark the points carefully with a water soluble fabric pen. Now measure out around 12 inches (30 cm) of button twine and string one end through the eye on the back of the button. Pull the twine through until the button is located on the halfway point. Thread both ends of the twine through a long needle and then insert this through one of the button points you have marked out on your fabric. Pull it right through to the other side. Now thread another button on the left strand of your twine and tie a loose slip knot. Use this to pull the twine tight and this will move the top and bottom buttons into place on the cushion. Pull the buttons together tightly and tie a double knot. Trim the twine and tuck the ends under the button for a neat finish. If you only need to fix single buttons to your sewing project for cosmetic reasons then you could consider gluing them in place. There are some good textiles glue products available that will bond fabrics together very easily and these can be used to fix buttons securely in place. Totallybuttons.com

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Upholstery Buttons


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