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By Simon Johnnson

Men with curly hair usually have problems with dryness, coarseness, not to mention brittle hair. Curly hair also tends to get frizzier during the more humid seasons.

But fear not! Maintaining your curly hair isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There are a whole range of hair-care products available in the market. Men’s hair products and hair-cuts are all at your fingertips to manage your curls without going broke.

The easiest solution of course is to shave your head! Bald men are actually quite a turn on for many women. However, don’t try and do this to yourself. You might end up cutting yourself and not the hair. Go to a barber’s and make clear to them what you’d like.

There are a few products that guys with curly hair can use to keep their hair in check-

— Cream -Based Shampoo: Shampoos that have a creamy base are better than clarified, clear shampoos as they moisturize more.

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— Double Conditioners: One cannot overdo it with the conditioning when it comes to frizzy curly hair. Keep a heavy duty conditioner for following up every hair wash and a deep rooted conditioner for use occasionally, about every week.

— Cream Styling: Use a cream based styling product to enhance your curls without drying them. The cream is usually rubbed into the hair and allowed to dry.

— Serum Styling: You could alternatively use a styling serum. These are usually warmed before rubbing on the palms and spread into the hair.

— Gel or Balm: Blow-drying your hair should be usually preceded by a straightening gel. Use about a quarter-sized amount of it on your hair before drying.

Other than the products, there are a few tips you can follow:

1. Try not to use the Blow Dryer: The dryer, as its name suggests, really does dry your hair. For hair that is already curly and frizzy, heat only adds to the problem. Finger-combing and air-drying works better. If you absolutely must use the hair dryer, cup your hair with your hands from below the dryer or use a diffuser to lessen the drying effect.

2. Less Mess is Goodness: Try not to play with your curls or scrunch them. The more you tease your hair, the more you ruin its texture. If you need to style your hair use your fingers to curl it and let it dry in the air.

3. Good Stylists: Find a stylist who himself has curly hair so that he (or she!) can understand all your hair needs. That way you won’t have to explain yourself over and over again.

If you don’t want to shave your head, you could try letting it grow out and going in only for short trims. That way you’ll always have a nice, clean look with soft to touch hair. Don’t use anything but scissors on your hair when you get it cut! The Superbad look that Jonah Hill once sported may prove to be your look in this regard, or the other option of Adrian Grenier may also work out. Whichever it is, experiment and take care of your hair to always look clean and sophisticated.

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