Attracting Targeted Clients By Search Engine Optimization In Real Estate Investing

Attracting Targeted Clients By Search Engine Optimization In Real Estate Investing


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In order to run your real estate investing business successfully, it is necessary to have an effective real estate investing website. Can you make any profits from a website that receives few or no visitors?

Your website must receive visitors who are interested in what you offer to make you money.

Your website for real estate investing must attract business for you through the search engines such as Google.

In this article, we cover how to optimize a website to attract leads, and closed deals, through the search engines.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves making a website popular in the search engines for chosen keywords thereby achieving a higher ranking for those keywords.

A keyword refers to what a person types in the search engines when looking for your type of services.


For our purposes, we will refer to single keywords or long tail key phrases as a keyword.

Search engine optimization comes in two parts:

1)On-site search engine optimization

This involves targeting your chosen keywords on your website. Such keywords could be we buy houses, sell your home, etc if you buy houses.

Your keywords must be included in the meta description, title and page content. Keywords in the meta tags play little to no role.

Keywords in the domain name can play a big part in achieving superior search engine ranking.

2)Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization involves creating one way links from third party websites to your website. Search engines consider websites with more links pointing to it as being more popular than those with few or no links and are ranked more highly.

Though there are many elements involved in this, your website needs these two basic elements.

How do you target the right keywords?

When starting a business, your market analysis must determine if you should invest your time and money in that niche. You then find the most profitable keywords you need to target for your website. It is always a good idea to be as narrow and targeted in your keywords as possible.

For instance, the keyword real estate would be too broad and competitive.

For one, you will have to spend a lot of time money and effort to rank well for this keyword. Secondly, most of your visitors are unlikely to convert into clients.

Similarly, they keyword we buy houses is likely to be too competitive.

Keywords that target a small niche and a geographical location are the best for real estate investing. For example, the keyword sell my house in Dallas is much more effective than just sell my house.

The visitors your website attracts will therefore be very targeted, who are looking for exactly what you offer. It is also likely that you will rank much higher, more easily with less effort and money when your website has a targeted niche market.

Why should you optimize your website?

Of course the biggest advantage of optimizing your website is high rankings in the search engines, which can bring you clients for years to come. Most real estate investors do not pay attention to SEO once they get their websites. They hope that somehow their websites will get visitors and bring them clients automatically!

You are therefore at n advantage

– once you optimize your website, you are likely to be the most prominent in the search engines for your keywords in your market.

The competition is not too much in this niche, and you are likely to stick at the top for years with the right search engine optimization for your website. This can mean continued business and profits for years to come just with a one-time targeted search engine optimization.

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