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By Robert Corter

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need to have some kind of an edge over others when seeking a new job, advancement in a business or even a spot in a college or university. This is especially true if you are a non-native English learner trying to get ahead. With so many places putting such a strong emphasis on an ability to master the English language, taking the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) has never been more beneficial and just taking three free online TOEIC tests can help you immensely.

There are many advantages to taking the TOEIC tests. Taking the exam will show that you have a high commitment to learning and advancing yourself. Just undertaking the work involved in preparing for TOEIC will show how much you are willing to try to make yourself better. All the studying and preparation needed should show to others that you have the drive to succeed.

By passing the exam and proving a mastery of the language, you will get a certificate stating you passed. This recognition is from one of the most respected organizations and one that is known worldwide. It will show that you have more than just a passing knowledge of the English language or just a basic fluency; this certificate demonstrates that you have a high understanding and grasp.

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Another benefit to taking the exam is that you will be able to place yourself ahead of many other job candidates at many companies. More and more companies are turning to a TOEIC score to help them decide on whom to hire for a job. If you have already taken the test, you will be ahead of the curve and can show that you have the good communication skills that are often necessary in the job market today.

Your self-assurance level can also profit from grasping the material involved in TOEIC grammar and vocabulary. Passing the test proves that you are able to use English proficiently in a work environment. This can give you the confidence needed to push yourself to get further training to move your career ahead.

Since many employers use this as an assessment tool for hiring, the test can help you gain employment. Over ten thousand institutions use TOEIC when considering future employees. At some point it may be a requirement at your workplace and you can already be ahead of the game.

Many companies will see that you have the drive and initiative that they want if you have taken this exam. This can help you when seeking promotions to other positions within your business. It could also help you qualify for further job training to learn new skills. Your employer may be more apt to consider you for further training with this accomplishment.

There are many free online TOEIC tests that you can take. This can help prepare you for the actual exam and give you an idea of what you should work on. The benefits of taking the TOEIC tests can only help you in the long run.

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